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Join over 5,700 EDF colleagues on our low cost, exclusive employee-only tariff - it's not available to the public so you won't find it on price comparison websites and its cheaper than our publicly available prices.

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FAQs - 'More Together' Employee Tariff

Why choose More Together

Save £££ and get More1

Cheaper tariffs than any other major supplier and up to £75 of extra treats each year

Zero Hassle

We’ll renew you onto the latest low cost More Together tariff every year, so you never have to switch again

Zero Carbon, Zero Extra Cost

Back by zero carbon nuclear electricity as standard you really will be Helping Britain Achieve Net Zero!

This is based on a dual fuel customer at Ofgem typical consumption (Standard meter - 2,900 kWh electricity and 12,000 kWh gas) paying by Direct Debit, signing up to EDF's More Together employee tariff vs. available market floor tariff's from E.ON, British Gas, Scottish Power, Ovo, SSE, nPower, Octopus, Bulb and Shell Energy between January and May 2021. This also assumes the customer switched to a cheaper More Together tariff if it became available in that period, plus £75 worth of ‘More' benefits.

1 More Together is our cheapest tariff for EDF employees (at typical consumption - Standard meter 2,900 kWh for electricity and 12,000 kWh for gas) when purchased through Tariff can be withdrawn at any time. Full T&Cs apply. All info correct as of 22nd June 2021.

How much did More Together customers save last year, with a great price plus £75 'Mores'?

2 EDF home and small business customers get energy tariffs backed by zero carbon electricity as standard; tariffs backed annually. Find out more about how we're helping Britain achieve Net Zero at

£76 saving a year

More Together vs cheapest Price Comparison Website price

£114 saving a year

More Together vs EDF's cheapest Price Comparison Website price

£87 saving a year

More Together vs Octopus Price Comparison Website price

Are there any exit fees?
No there are no exit fees on this tariff

How do I sign up to the tariff?
You can sign up to this tariff by visiting

Do I need to give my employee number?
Yes you will need to provide your employee number if you are a new customer to EDF. If you do not have this, you can obtain this from your local HR.

Why do I need to give my employee number?
You will need to provide your employee number so we can verify you are eligible for this tariff. This is only valid for 1 sign up per eligible customer/employee. If you do not have this, you can obtain this from your local HR.

Can I sign up a member of my family for this tariff?
This is only valid for 1 property sign up per eligible customer/employee. You can choose what property this is used to supply on. If you have an existing family member who claims the £48 discount, they will continue to receive this, unless their property is supplied by More Together.

Is it an online account management tariff?
No, you will still be able to use all of our services available. We do however recommend you agree to manage your account online and receive your correspondence electronically.

Can I sign up to this tariff through my account?
Not yet but we are working on it.

Do I still get my £48 staff discount on this tariff?
No, the £48 staff discount is not eligible for the More Together tariff. You can still have the £48 staff discount on any of our other tariffs if you do not want to lose this benefit. If you currently benefit from the £48 staff discount and sign up to More Together, this will be automatically removed from your account. 

If I change my tariff to another tariff with EDF will I then get the £48 discount again?
Yes, you will be able to reinstate your staff discount if you change tariff. You will need to request for this to be applied to your account again. The £48 staff discount is available on all EDF tariffs other than the More Together tariff.

Is this available for contractors?
Yes, please use your employee number when signing up to this tariff. If you do not have this, you can obtain this from your local HR.

Is the tariff for Dual Fuel customers only?
No, it’s available to both Single Fuel and Dual Fuel customers.

Will there be a Prepayment version of the tariff?
Unfortunately the tariff is only available to Standard/ Economy 7 Credit meters

If my current tariff with EDF has exit fees will I still be charged these?
No, as a gesture of good will, if you are an existing EDF customer on a tariff which holds exit fees and agree to move your tariff to the More Together tariff, we will automatically credit your account with the value of the exit fee once your 14 day cooling off period has ended. Unfortunately we will not be able to cover any exit fees charged by other suppliers

Will I receive any other benefits/ offers on this tariff?
Yes, you will receive other benefits/offers on this tariff which will be sent to the email address we hold on your account

How often will this be and when?
It will be a surprise!

What kind of benefits/offers will it be?
You’ll have to wait and see!

Will there be a renewal when this tariff comes to an end?
Yes, we’ll create a renewal tariff so you can continue to benefit from being an EDF Staff Member as well as an EDF Customer!

Why have EDF now decided to bring out a tariff for staff?
Because we all think you’re great and we don’t think the £48 amount is enough for all your hard work and effort you put in every day. We want to provide you with an offer you cannot refuse and be proud of who you work for.

Who should I contact if I have a technical issue when signing up to the More Together tariff?
Please contact the customer fulfilment mailbox at and they will respond to you within 5 days